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                    Cybersecurity and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

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                    GRC Conference 2019

                    Join us August 12-14, in Ft. Lauderdale Florida for the ISACA and IIA GRC Conference “Where Governance and Risk Management Align for Impact”.

                    Protect your business and bottom line with smart GRC and security tools

                    Quickly adapt to changes in technology, regulations, and the economy – with governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software from SAP. Our automated and integrated GRC solutions are organized into four categories: Three Lines of Defense, Access Governance, International Trade, and Cybersecurity.
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                    Three Lines of Defense

                    Improve GRC effectiveness with a Three Lines of Defense operating model. Explore our software for the first line of defense: business operations management; the second line: risk management, GRC security, and legal; and the third line: internal audits.

                    Access Governance and Control

                    Monitor and control who has access to what within your organization – in the cloud and on premise. Learn about our software for access control, IT governance, information security, identity management and single sign-on, secure file sharing, and more.?

                    International Trade Management

                    Embed risk and compliance management into your global trade processes. Discover software that can help you screen trading partners, ensure trade compliance, reduce the risk of penalties and fines, and clear inbound and outbound customs quickly.?

                    Cybersecurity & Data Protection

                    Keep systems secure with powerful and flexible capabilities for continuous security monitoring, threat detection, and response. Quickly identify lapses in your application landscape with real-time data processing that leverages smart streaming services and SAP HANA.

                    Solve your enterprise governance, risk, and compliance (EGRC) needs

                    SAP software for the three lines of defense

                    SAP Risk Management

                    Get detailed insight into how risk drivers can impact your business value and reputation with our enterprise risk management (ERM) software. Improve financial, IT, vendor, and operational risk management – and make smart, risk-aware decisions.

                    • On-premise or cloud deployment?
                    • Integrated risk management (IRM)?
                    • Risk management strategy and planning?
                    • Risk identification, analysis and mitigation

                    SAP Process Control

                    Identify, prioritize, and focus resources on key business process risks with SAP Process Control. This software can help you continuously monitor internal control processes – and support corporate, financial, IT, and industry-specific compliance efforts.

                    • On-premise or cloud deployment
                    • Scalable support for multiple internal controls
                    • Continuous controls monitoring
                    • Support for compliance management

                    SAP Audit Management

                    Streamline internal audit activities with mobile capabilities that make it easy to document evidence, organize work papers, and create audit reports. Improve audit quality with analytical tools and align with the business on key risks and controls to provide trusted insight and advice.

                    • On-premise or cloud deployment?
                    • Audit planning, management, and follow-up?
                    • Mobile features and drag-and-drop tools?
                    • Communication and monitoring of audit results

                    SAP Business Integrity Screening

                    Improve fraud detection and prevention by screening large volumes of transactions in real time – with SAP Business Integrity Screening. Use flexible rule sets to detect anomalous activity faster. And run predictive and behavioral analyses to uncover and investigate suspicious patterns.

                    • On-premise or cloud deployment?
                    • Exception and compliance checks?
                    • Calibration of detection strategies?
                    • Powerful analytics for investigative teams

                    SAP software for access governance

                    SAP Access Control

                    Automatically detect, remediate, and prevent access risk violations in your on-premise SAP and non-SAP systems – with SAP Access Control. This software can help you automate user provisioning, monitor and validate access to applications and data, and embed preventative policy checks into your business processes.

                    • On-premise or cloud deployment
                    • Automatic detection and remediation of violations
                    • Self-service access requests
                    • Automated reviews of user access

                    SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance

                    Simplify identity and access management in complex on-premise and cloud environments. Deliver an intuitive sign-on experience – and use dashboards to pinpoint issues, dynamically adjust user access, improve access compliance, and rapidly resolve risks.

                    • Cloud deployment?
                    • Continuous access analysis and insights?
                    • Configurable, predefined access policies?
                    • Guided risk remediation

                    SAP software for international trade management

                    SAP Global Trade Services

                    Automate manual tasks for international trade management and compliance. This solution can help you accelerate your cross-border supply chain, clear customs faster, and validate every order against the latest compliance regulations to reduce the risk of penalties and fines.

                    SAP software for cybersecurity and data protection

                    SAP Enterprise Threat Detection

                    Identify, analyze, and neutralize cyberattacks as they’re happening – and before serious damage occurs. This solution uses real-time intelligence to effectively manage your systems’ vulnerability to external and internal security breaches – and to help prevent data loss and protect privacy.

                    What are experts saying about enterprise risk and compliance software?

                    Get the facts

                    decrease in security risk level with a consolidated governance model.

                    SAP Performance Benchmarking

                    decrease in audit cycle time with automated and continuous management of controls.

                    SAP Performance Benchmarking

                    Intelligent GRC – What’s the Opportunity?

                    Get the latest GRC news and trends from experts

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                    Thomas Frenehard
                    Director, GRC

                    Launching a GRC overhaul? Think out of the box!

                    Once every so often, companies revise their processes to identify areas of improvement. And the governance, risk, and compliance process is not exempt from this overhaul exercise as I am sure you already know...

                    Thomas Frenehard
                    Director, GRC

                    SAP Conference on Internal Controls, Compliance, and Risk Management

                    A sequel can be every bit as good as the first version, if not even better. And I have no doubt that this will hold true for the 2nd International SAP Conference for Internal Control, Compliance and Risk Management...

                    Lane Leskela
                    Global Business Development Director, Finance and Risk

                    Changes in tax compliance challenge global business

                    Here’s an unheralded occasion. 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the Value Added Tax (VAT). The idea of a VAT was conceived by Dr. Wilhelm von Siemens in 1918...

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