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                    Learning and Development

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                    Holistically manage your total workforce: a game-changer

                    Organizations that put their people, including external workers, at the heart of intelligent transformation – improve overall business outcomes.

                    Solve your specific needs for employee training and development

                    Choose your SAP software for online learning, career development, and collaboration

                    SAP SuccessFactors Learning

                    Set competency-based goals and then align them with performance. Access an expert-created content library – and support employee self evaluations, skill assessments, multimedia formats, and more.

                    • Cloud deployment
                    • Employee training and development
                    • Reduced legal and non-compliance risk
                    • Extended external learning?

                    SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Development

                    Improve?business agility with tools to streamline enterprise development and succession planning.?Fill critical positions quickly by retaining valuable team members and promoting leadership continuity.?Create targeted plans to foster capable successors and?career progression.?

                    • Cloud deployment
                    • Real-time talent insights
                    • Strategic succession management
                    • Intelligent career pathing and mentoring

                    SAP Jam Collaboration

                    Connect?your customers, partners, and employees with key information and processes in?the cloud. Streamline HR processes from hire to retire with corporate collaboration tools. Minimize employee training costs through social learning?– and share best practices to drive engagement.

                    • Cloud deployment
                    • Structured collaboration
                    • Enterprise social networking
                    • Security and administration
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                    SAP Enable Now

                    Give employees who use SAP solutions access to the business training they need – anytime and anywhere. Simplify the creation and deployment of context-sensitive user help,?transaction documentation, training simulations, test scripts, and workplace e-learning materials.?

                    • Cloud deployment ?
                    • Single-source recordings?
                    • Customizable learning content
                    • Multilanguage support

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                    Identify, develop, and retain top talent for critical roles

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