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                    Predictive Analytics

                    Confidently anticipate outcomes with predictive analytics

                    Use predictive models and machine learning to assess the likelihood of future outcomes and steer your business in the right direction. We offer two options for predictive analytics: a standalone on-premise product and an all-in-one cloud solution. 

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                    SAP Predictive Analytics

                    Create, deploy, and maintain thousands of predictive models with SAP Predictive Analytics. These on-premise tools can help you anticipate future behavior and outcomes – and guide better, more profitable decision making across your digital business.

                    SAP Analytics Cloud

                    Our cloud-based predictive analytics software works alongside the BI and planning tools in SAP Analytics Cloud – so you can discover, visualize, plan, and predict in context. Use in-memory technology and machine learning to uncover relevant predictive insights in real time.

                    Solve your predictive data analytics needs

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                    A practical guide to predictive analytics and machine learning

                    Gain a deeper understanding of predictive analytics and machine learning. Discover how predictive modeling works, learn how to get started with the technology, find out why automated predictive algorithms are becoming competitive assets – and much more.?

                    What are leading analysts saying about advanced analytics?

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